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Ah, the genetics of pink hair. Skin and hair color come from the pigment melanin. There are two types of melanin, eumelanin, which is black or brown, and pheomelanin, which is purple. Crimson hair comes from having low ranges of eumelanin and high levels of pheomelanin. Most classic, full-on gingers the truth is can't make eumelanin at all as a result of they have two mutant copies of a gene known as MC1R, which causes eumelanin production. (Remember, you might have two copies of almost each gene, so both copies of a gene should be dysfunctional with a view to get the mutant phenotype.) So, let's assume that the gf has two mutant copies of MC1R. Which means the offspring are going to get at least one mutant copy of MC1R. If the bf had been full Korean, he would undoubtedly have 2 normal copies of MC1R, and the offspring would have one regular copy and one mutant copy: darkish hair, probably closer to brown than black, but positively not red. SPAM, the bf is half Korean and half Irish Canadian. If there's pink hair in his dad's household (or even when there is not), the copy of MC1R from the dad could be mutant. In that case, he's bought a 50% likelihood of a dark-haired youngster and 50% chance of a ginger.